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 In return, we promise to grow amazing nutritious food grown with love and offer you the best selections with more diversity by being able to grow for you.  Our crop plan is a crucial part of running a successful farm as we need to grow what everyone wants and what we think we can sell to the best of our ability so we don't have hard work and great food going to the compost pile.   We can grow thousands of kohlrabi for example but it doesn't mean we can sell them and you don't want a box full of kohlrabi so we strategically need to organize our plan according. 

Small farms rely on their community to sell food, there is no middle man that they sell to that guarantees standing orders of the food they produce.   Some of you may know and some may not, I know I certainly did not when we started this adventure.   A lot of our work (physically) is done during our growing season from March-November, however there is a huge amount of time spent in December and January with crop planning, yearend books, seed ordering, job postings, interviewing for new crew, and going over all the details from the year prior to tweak things that can be done better.     It is sort of a puzzle, we try put all the pieces together, for example, in order for us to know how many tomatoes we are growing and think we can sell for our community, that plan and that seed has to be planted by February.   We don't get another chance in April to start seeds due to a limited growing season so we don't get another opportunity to grow and sell more food later and that goes with most of the crops we grow.  So you are like that puzzle piece we were missing, so we can now organize the crop plan according to how many shares we already know are sold  plus grow extra to accommodate the farmers market.  

 As well, most of our expenses all come in our off season, during the planning and planting stages when we are not seeing the revenue coming in as we are waiting for everything to grow so we can feed you and your family.  Therefore your support and commitment of purchasing shares early in the year helps us and in return we are committed to supporting you and your family by  growing amazing healthy veggies throughout the growing season. supported agriculture:)    We grow for you, help you stay healthy, give you the freshest tastiest support (us) small local agriculture, keep money in our community and help keep us smiling knowing we can be your farmer:) 

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