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  • You agree to  pick up your box at the farm on Fridays between 3:00-5:00pm

  • A non refundable deposit of $150 (just under 25%) will be made upon sign up for the box and this is a first come, first pay basis, please note the "sign up agreement form" will not hold your spot until we have received the deposit.

  • Full payment for the box programs is due by May 17, 2021 (5% discount for anyone that pays in full when they sign up before February 1st, 2021)

  • There will be no substituting items in your Nourish Farm Choice box, if you are unsure about the surprises in your box, you may want to choose the Your Choice box

  • Either of the box programs is allowed to put their box on "hold" for 2 out of the 18 week program.  Notice of one week must me made and we will add credit of $35 for each week to your online shopping account

  • If you are unable to pick up your share during the designated date and time, you will schedule for a friend or family member to do so or agree to forfeit it.  You understand your farmers cannot set aside your share if you are unable to arrive in time, nor will you text, email or call to ask.

  • If you have to cancel any remaining weeks for some unforeseen reason, we can refund you 50% of your remaining amount owing.  

A wee bit more....

  • Online orders for any add ons or for the Your Choice Box program will be open Tuesday morning of the week being picked up, once our harvest is actually done and our guestimates can be adjusted somewhat as to actual amounts we will update the inventory Thursday evenings and you can get notified of the changes in case there may be something you missed.  

  • Deadlines for ordering must be in by Thursday 11PM

  • Orders made after that time, will not be fulfilled and if  your are part of the Your Choice Box program and forgot to place your order you will automatically get a box that we will put together but you are still responsible to pick up

  • You agree to communicate and receive emails from us and are responsible to read them if by chance some unforeseen change may arise unexpectedly

  • SHARING THE RISK: You understand that as a member, you share in both the bounty and the risks of farming. You understand that the risks include poor harvests due to unfavorable weather or pests, or the total loss of all crops due to a natural disaster such as fire, flood, or drought. (Hasn't happened in 10 years farming:)

  • we CAN NOT accommodate customers switching from one box program to the other during the season because of the crop planning so please choose carefully.

  • As a YOUR choice box member you must make a minimum purchase each week of $25

  • You understand you are only able to hold items in your cart from Tuesday to Thursday of the week it is being purchased, any orders for future weeks will be deleted.  (this is a software glitch that allows people to order further in advance however this is not how a farms inventory works:)

  • If this is your first time joining a box program, you will be kind to yourself if you are unable to eat everything or become a professional chef with all the goodies, sometimes making changes to a way of eating just takes time......I know it did for us:)

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