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Our farm has not run based on this model for most of our years farming even though we have always kept it in the back of our mind as it is a great way to plan a farm season, it wasn't until 2020 due to the high demand (no need to say the C  word:) that seemed to kick start our thoughts into action and we discovered what a great experience it was for us and a pleasure having so many committed customers coming every week to pick up their veggies.   ​  As we all know things shifted quite rapidly in March 2020, not knowing if the market was going to reopen or how we were going to sell food we were unable to make many changes in our crop plan but we did our best to fulfill our box program and try offer as much diversity as possible with what we had already growing and planned.    Now 2021 is here....and we are so excited to actually be able to have a plan in place and grow more abundance and variety of fresh food and have an even better Box program for the year ahead!!! :)     Seeing as things haven't quite settled down in our world, we think this also offers our customers some reassurance that regardless if the market is closed or things get even weirder, we are here for them and we will commit to being their farmer!:)

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