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weekly veggies



Firstly we would like to thank all of you for your interest in supporting us and local agriculture!   Just a quick recap as we have had so many new subscribers since our last email,  there will be more volume and diversity of vegetables coming every week as right now the season has just begun.   


We are asking at this time that all orders be a minimum of $15.00 purchase

1) Shop for what you want and place your order within the online store, please have your orders in by Friday at midnight, all orders after that time will be placed on the following weeks pick up.

2) Choose payment options, cash, debit/credit or paypal. 

        - if paying with cash, please have the exact amount in a clear bag with your order number visible     

        - e-transfer, use cash payment option to complete your order and quote your order number in the message.  PLEASE USE as auto deposit is set up

3)  Orders must be picked up on Saturday between 2pm-4:00pm, sorry no exceptions (NOTE:hours may change weekly)

4)  Pickups at the farm, 445 Larkdowne Road, Qualicum (very last driveway on the left)   This will be a drive through experience,  drive up to the barn and stop by our tent, have your order number ready, we'll confirm payment and give you your bag of yumminess!   You will then be directed to exit out our other driveway. 

5)  Harvesting will be completed by Thursday with inventory updated that evening.


We will be offering a Box Program due to the high volume of interested customers and would starting early June when volume and inventories increase while allowing us time to organize all these new systems and changes.    Details will be announced the week of April 20th with orders being placed at that time.  Stay tuned as it is a first come, first pay system.


SAFETY:   As we will be wearing our farm attire including our new mask and gloves, please feel free to join us in the dress code.   We ask everyone to remain in your vehicles as we will bring your items to you, and please respect the fact that there is either more customers coming to pick up their purchases or we have oodles of chores needing attending to so we will not be able to have a chin wag at this time and we really need everyone to just keep this whole system flowing for the efficiency of our farm:)


Again, thank you for your patience and at this time due to our very busy work days we are unable to respond to all email inquiries immediately and will try get back to as soon as we can but rest assured we will keep you updated:)

Your farmers,

Cindy and Lorne


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