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Our Farmily for the last 3 seasons....want to join us for the 2021 season, apply now!!:)


Farm crew positions for 2021....we look forward to hearing from you!! :)

Who we are:

Lorne and Cindy, not really farmers by choice, instead we like to say we are accidental farmers who are now entering our 10th season farming a successful farm following organic practices that we named Nour-ish Farm which we operate and sell delicious veggies at the local farmers market, a box program as well as our farm store on our property.   Cindy, loves playing in the dirt, gets excited about flowers, enjoys everything Nature offers, dislikes cooking but loves eating and is enthusiastic about farming.  Lorne loves fishing,  the forest is his comfort zone,  surrounded by Nature is where he loves to be, dislikes boring and enjoys adventure....did I mention fishing?:)  Together, we now eat healthy, live right, love where we live, laugh lots and care deeply for the life we have together.  We are looking again for awesome dynamic individuals that want to further their farming skills by joining our farm team for the 2021 season and hopefully beyond, we value our farm hands and know that having a team that works well together where everyone puts in a great effort enables us and our team to finish work at a normal time which allows for time to enjoy fishing, hiking, biking or just a walk or swim at the beach.  

Who you are:

*    Eligible to work in Canada

*    You have minimum 1 year working on a production market garden farm for profit, no experience required for        the part time position)

*     You enjoy and are able to work outdoors in all weather conditions

*     You are able to perform physically demanding jobs, endure heaving lifting, accept repetitive tasks, and be ok          with           
       squatting, bending and standing for long periods of time.

*     You are upbeat, motivated, have great physical and mental stamina, physical dexterity and have a strong                 work ethic

*     You are a team player with good communication skills along with being able to work solo

*     You are respectful, a creative problem solver and receptive to constructive feedback

*     Someone who will tell us who you really are, and not what you think we want to hear:)


What we have to offer you!! 

*     Help you become a successful farmer, providing you with more than just growing food skills but sharing with        you all the challenges, successes and business savvy including marketing skills that  it takes to run your own        farm along with having fun doing it and not getting burnt out!         

*     On farm accommodation available and yummy delicious veggies (details can be discussed during an                      interview...please no pets or significant others:)                                                                         

*     Work/life balance on a farm, work smarter not harder:) (maybe a break to the beach on an extremely hot               day:)

*     We are located 8 minutes driving to downtown Qualicum Beach, we are surrounded by hiking/biking trails,             have    

       great beaches and lakes close by, awesome mountains to climb, fantastic fishing, caving......

*     A non smoking farm, organic practices and a happy lifestyle

*     A kickass harvest area that runs efficiently, tools that aren't broken, a sweet veggie propagation starter                   house with friendly cute cats that patrol it:) 



What your duties and responsibilities will be:

*     Record keeping including crop management, fertility inputs, seeding, planting and sales and inventory                    tracking

*     Maintaining and following weekly farm schedules including irrigation, crop rotation and planning, bed                     preparation,  fertility requirements, farm maps, and propagation schedules for seeding, potting up and                   transplanting

*     Working alternating farmers market hours and being flexible with extra hours of work if need be

*     Observations of overall farm operations and working together as a team to discuss any problems or                      solutions to be able to achieve weekly farm goals, and finish scheduled tasks ensuring the farm is running            efficiently

*     Some farm infrastructure projects, farm maintenance, poultry chores, flower care, mowing, weed whacking          or mowing  grass or weeds as need be, flame weeding

*     Willing to learn to operate a walking tractor (BCS) and possibly a real tractor if Santa is good to us?

*     Maintaining quality standards in field work and post harvest at a quick pace

*     Seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting and processing, shoveling, raking, rock picking, broad forking,            greenhouse growing, winding and pruning, compost tea applications


Are you right for the job?

You want more responsibilities and want to learn the ins and outs of farming in order to have confidence in your farming and business abilities to be able to manage next year or run your own farm. Or you simply want to continue farming/working as a team and being able to complete tasks from beginning to end without constant guidance and are confident in your farming abilities.    Most importantly, you like to have fun and have a passion for farming:)


2 full time seasonal positions- April 5th- mid October(approx)  Wages: $15.20/hour + 4% vacation pay + a performance bonus paid at the end of season for successful achievement of the farm plan (eg. wage can range from $15.20-20.00/hr)

1 part time seasonal position - May 17-Sept (approx)  (no experience required) Wages: $15.20/hr + 4% vacation pay

How you can apply:

We are looking forward to hearing from you!!:)  Please send your cover letter and resume to 

In the subject line please put  "I want to farm"  and then tell us why in your cover letter:)

Please let us know which position you are applying for, full time or part time?

To learn more about us, please visit us on facebook or instagram

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