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-BOTTOM LINE- you get to choose weekly what veggies you want in your box

-You need make a minimum order of $25 each week, some weeks you may want more and the credit that you don't use that week just keeps accumulating however it needs to be used within the 18 week timeframe


-You are a planner and like to decide what your dinner is going to look like and surprises are meant for gifts

-Our members will be first in line to put in an order for  a one time "storage box" that will be sold mid to end of November.  This will include larger volumes of all the storage veggies that will get you through most of the winter without having to buy from the grocery store

-You just don't want to wake up early on Saturday morning to stand in line to find out those popular veggies are already gone!

-You have the option to put a "hold" on picking up your weekly box for 2 out of the 18 weeks  (see terms agreement)

-Your name will be added to a draw for $100 gift card/store purchases (mid program)

-You will get options of what we have harvested prior to market goers and you can order safely from the comfort of your own home

-You will be invited to our farm tour get together for all the members



18 awesome weeks starting June 11, 2021-October 8, 2021 of the best and freshest veggies  

  1.  You will receive a weekly box of  YOUR choice freshly picked delicious organic produce.  The rate is $630 which $540 will be added to your shopping credit, and a minimum purchase of $25 needs to be made each week for the duration of  18 weeks through the peak of summer and then into the fall 

  2. A $150 deposit will hold your spot while space is available, and full payment is due May17, 2021.  A discount of 5% for payment in full before February 1st, 2021

  3. There is a charge of $5 per box totaling $90 over the whole 18 weeks  (hence the $540 being added to your credit vs the $630) This fee is to cover a few extra costs such as boxes, time putting boxes together, time devoted to box pick up and customizing any add-on's into your box.   We feel it is important you see we don't have any hidden costs in the programs and you see the cost of making this all work.

  4. Pick up of your weekly box share will be at our farm every Friday from 3:00pm-5:00pm  Delivery for an extra fee may be an option but not confirmed at this time as it is subject to interest?  (email us if that is you)

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