Authentic certified organic working farm with passion and good energy, offering quality nutritious healthy food and awesome accommodation suites to enjoy on your vacation getaway.

Nestled away from the buzz of the city we wake up each day on our farm to the smells of evergreen forests with hints of freshly opened flowers waiting to be pollinated, all mixed with clean crisp air that sometimes brings the smell of the ocean being that we are only 1.5km as the raven flies.

Over the past 11 years our farm has grown from a tiny little food plot where we grew food for ourselves and neighbors into a 2 acre cultivated landscape array of mixed vegetables and fruits grown in fields and a greenhouse.  We use crop rotations to avoid pest and disease cycles, cover crops to maintain soil health and free range chickens alongside some pigs to help enrich next year's growing plots.   We take care of our soils with sustainable and organic practices and grow a wide variety of crops to provide nutritious food to our community, CSA box program and visitors to the farm. 

All this has  turned our farm into our own educational centre full to the brim of new experiences that even we find amazing on a day to day basis.   We are grateful our farm nourishes our bodies with so much more than food. We have limited our farm to the size we feel is manageable as we believe volume isn't the most important factor, the quality of our food is.   Our past experiences has rewarded us with the knowledge that sometimes less is more.  We wish everyone abundant health through the food we grow!


Our farm stand will be open Monday -Friday's from 10am-5pm starting the week of July 6th, 2020 



We participate faithfully at the Qualicum Beach Farmers Market every Saturday from 8:30-12:00pm starting early spring right through till the last Saturday before Christmas.  We are proud to be a contributing vendor since 2012,  helping our community eat well and participate with all the other local farmers including artisans and local food producers.  The market vendors have to either make it, bake it or grow which has added success, it has also been referred to as one of the best on Vancouver Island attracting visitors from far and wide.

We at Nourish Farm believe everyone has the right to eating healthy food,  therefore we provide the freshest nutrient rich produce we can.  



Designed to help everyone grow super healthy veggies, flowers, indoor plants or fruit using all organically approved ingredients that we use on our farm. After many years of customers enjoying our produce along with all the questions about how to grow more abundant healthy food, flowers or to those just starting out, we wanted everyone to be successful therefore we offered that same success that we have had and put it all in a bag.  


Nourish Farm's All Purpose Fertilizer will give you great results without worrying about causing harm to the plants or the environment and it is the basis of a balance system to help plants grow well.   If your garden needs some TLC, come visit us at the Qualicum Beach Farmers market where you can purchase our All Purpose Fertilizer blend.




Lorne and Cindy MacCallum, dedicated  organic farmers, doing what we love and growing healthy food for us and our community.   Check us out on Facebook or Instagram :)




Two awesome 10 week veggie box programs:
Our veggie box program guarantees you to receive a weekly box of our freshly picked delicious oganic produce and strawberries (when seasonally available).  The rate is $350 which will provide you with an average of  $30/week in vegetables, 7-9 items in a box for 10 weeks in the peak of summer and into the fall for the second 10 weeks


Pick up of your weekly box share will be at our farm every Friday from 4pm-6pm


 First 10 weeks starts June 5th - August 7th, 2020
 Second 10 weeks starts August 14th - October 16th, 2020


As a Nour-ish Farm veggie box member you will get the best of the crops for 10 weeks, if we have limited items such as broccoli or peas, we will ensure that our box members will receive them in their box before we would be taking those to the market.    You will be guaranteed a variety of fresh organic veggies each week along with strawberries when in season, you will not have to stand in a line up at the market nor will you be disappointed when you slept in and missed the peas!;) If prices increase due to food shortages rest assured you will still pay the current price and will always have your weekly, healthy fix! We work hard for our community and members and want to make everyone happy, healthy and well fed and guarantee to stand behind our reputation for fresh, quality produce.   Say goodbye to wilted greens and tasteless vegetables flown from many miles away.  Your produce will be harvested when it’s ripe and in most cases find its way into your kitchen within a day of being picked and this means better flavor and more nutrient-rich produce.  


-A $50 or $100 (if you want both programs)  CASH ONLY non refundable deposit will be required to secure you a box.  

- We will be accepting the cash deposit starting this Friday April 24th from 3-5pm at the farm or at the Qualicum Beach Farmers Market April 25th and May 2nd.   Please note we received many interested emails back, and there are not as many box spaces so plan accordingly as your number will be in the order we receive the deposit.  If you by chance miss the cut off of how many boxes we are allocating we will put you on our waiting list in the order that your arrive as we anticipate adding more boxes once we see how all the crops are growing.  Please fill out the sign up form, print it and bring it with you when coming to pay a deposit.  If you do not have a printer, we will except the form back in an email, but it will be the deposit that holds your spot, not the email:)

-If the number of people interested somehow changes after reading all the finer details and drops significantly we may have to cancel the programs and your deposit will be returned to you.

-Payment in full will be due upon your first pick up of the box on June 5th,2020 and payment in full for the second 10 weeks will be due August 1st, 2020

-Final payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit or etransfers

-There will be NO exceptions to the pick up time or location....this means please do not call, text, email or beg us to come at a different time or take your box with us to the market as we are sticking to no exceptions, so instead get in touch with one of your friends to pick up your box:)

- You have the option to cancel one week in a 10 week program if you are going away however we require 7 days advance notice and you will be given a $35 credit voucher to spend with us at the farmers market or at our farm store.

-There is a charge of $5 per box totalling $50 over the whole 10 weeks.  This fee is to cover a few extra costs such as boxes, time putting boxes together, time devoted to box pick up.

-There will be no substituting items in your box....remember that joining our program may mean discovering new vegetables and ways of eating, it is all part of the experience:)

-Our plan currently is to have our farm stand open during the hours that you will be picking up your box, therefore you also have the option of picking up more items if you so choose

-If you have to cancel any remaining weeks for some unforeseen reason, we can refund you 50% of your remaining amount owing.

-Please return your boxes when you pick up the following week for re use.

-In the event that we couldn't fulfill the 10 week program all remaining weeks would be refunded.

-We promise to not give you the over abundance of zucchini or green beans that everyone tries to give away, but instead we will provide you with a decent variety of vegetables

-one pound of carrots
-one romaine lettuce
-one bag of peas
- one pint of cherry tomatoes 
- one bunch of green onions
- one bunch of kale
- one bunch of beets
- one large cucumber
- many hours of hard work, good energy and lots of love into those veggies 

Bottom line.....
If you are unsure if this is too many vegetables for you to eat, it costs too much or if you cannot commit to following our guidelines then possibly it would be best that we see you at the farmers market or our farm store and you will still reap all the benefits of local and fresh food and help support your community.
BUT  if you eat and cook with seasonal fresh veggies, you are adventurous with cooking and you prefer knowing where your food is coming from and how it is grown along with the health benefits it provides......THEN giddy up, this program is for you!! :)    


Please check one or both 10 week veggie box program you are requesting:

1st 10 weeks starting June5-August 7th, 2020  $350-$50 deposit= $300 balance owing June 5th,2020   ___________  deposit received

2nd 10 weeks starting August 14th- October 16th, 2020 $350-$50 deposit= $300 balance owing August 1st, 2020   
____________deposit received

Both 10 week programs (20 weeks total)  starting June5-October 16th,2020

 $700-$100 deposit= $600 balance owing June 5th, 2020
____________deposit received

I will be paying by:
Cash            ________
Cheque       _________ 
E-transfer _________
Credit card   ________

I read and agree to all the above details regarding Nour-ish Farm's CSA box program
Thank you and we appreciate your support, we look forward to offering you an enjoyable yummy veggie box program!!
Your farmers,
Lorne & Cindy MacCallum
Nour-ish Farm