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Nour-ish Farm Card

So in a nutshell.....a farm card is the easiest way to shop at the farmers market and get more for your money!!

-So a commitment to pick up a box every week may not be your thing and you may love the experience of shopping at the farmers market, and you really don't mind standing in a line up or being ok with what you get when you get there.  Awesome, we don't want to forget our loyal market shopper either therefore this card may be for you!

-The Nour-ish Farm Card can only be used at our booth at the Qualicum Beach Farmers Market every Saturday.  This means you love coming to the market and realize this card can not be used at our farm stand at this time, nor our online store.  We look forward to seeing you at the market:)

- A great way to support our farm! With a Farm card Share you are purchasing a credit early in the year: then you can simply visit our booth. Once you are there: you shop, we swipe your card, and you are on your way with veggie goodness and maybe flowers and on your way home.

- You purchase a card upfront and we load you up with a little extra to thank you for your support! Cards can be used at our farmers’ market, which we attend from mid March to mid November.

- The card is great for people who might find Box programs too constricting, might want less/more food each week, and/or aren’t able to commit to picking up once a week for the length of the season, it allows you to chose when to shop

It can be transferable, maybe you had to move, get your friend to buy the remaining credits from you or give it to your friends or family to go shop for you if you are busy.

How is the card different from a typical Box program share and why would I purchase one?

  -In some ways there are similarities; it gives you access to locally grown produce with the bonus credit and gives our farm much needed income to offset early season costs, especially between the months of  February and May, before we have any real quantity of crops to sell.

 So how small farms work...think about having to pay 80% of your yearly expenses in the first 4 months of the year -and there is no income yet to pay for them, so customer support into small local agriculture helps us pay for seeds, supplies, tools, labor, and many other expenses we incur each spring. By purchasing a card you are committing to helping a small local business and ensuring that your money stays in the community.


*Purchase a Farm card in the amounts of $250 and receive a 5% credit added to your card  (that means if you buy $250, you will receive $262.50 as shopping credit) 

*Purchase a Farm card in the amount of $500 and receive 10% credit added to your card.  (that means you get $550 as shopping credit!!)   As an additional bonus, if  $500 is paid before February 1st, 2021 you get 5% more, so we will add $575 to your shopping credit.   (limited cards available) 

* You will be able to pick up your farm card at the Qualicum Beach Farmers markets once we start back for the season which we anticipate mid to end o March.  We will send you a reminder email.

Please note that smaller denominations can be purchased from us at the farmers market...maybe you're thinking of a $50 gift for your friend:)

*Nourish Farm Cards will be redeemable during the season in which it was purchased, the credit needs to be used up within that  year to help make account management simpler for us!

*Nourish Farm cards are non refundable, and cannot be transferred into cash

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