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Here is the low down....

So......In purchasing a share of the harvest before the growing

season begins, the share members provides farmers with much 

needed and appreciated finances at the most expensive time of

the growing season when income isn't coming in but seeds are

getting put in the ground. In return, the members will have

secured a portion of food from the local harvest and will be ensured

a bounty of yumminess filled with health for most of the season.

 You become part of our farm family which is a relationship that we cherish and take seriously and we will provide the freshest and best quality produce directly to our members.  It is a way to stop the disconnect of where and how your food is being grown and creates a real relationship that both parties share, one which has been lost in our modern agriculture system which is the relationship from our field to your home where your food is harvested the day before giving you the most nutrition. 


The box share model is a shared risk model. The farmer works hard to ensure a bountiful harvest and plants a large variety of vegetables, however sometimes weather, disease, or pests will affect the harvest. Members agree to share this risk with the farmer. This provides security to the farmer and the consumer

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